Welcome to our new web site!

📁 For Homepage 🕔14.March 2014

Welcome to our new web site.  The site has been designed by club  member Mindy Meehan and her team at Lantern Marketing.

The site is not complete but has all the information from our previous site and more.  The section under “The Laser” menu especially needs more info – any contributions would be welcome!  The Gallery will be updated over coming weeks.

You will see that there is a main menu with multiple choices and a quick menu underneath for more rapid access to your favourite pages.  The home page has posts which I can always add to if you send me copy, preferably with a photo.  You should be able to comment on these posts.

Most pages have a box on the RHS showing the latest updates to permanent pages so you can see if anything has changed since last time you looked.

Eventually we hope to have a blog for members’ use.

Please explore and make the most of it.  I would love to have any feedback and suggestions.

The old web site will not be updated and will soon be emptied – so put in your ‘Favorites’ on your browser!

Hope you enjoy it

Rob Lowndes