Wyargine Cup 22 Dec 19

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Wyargine Cup 22 Dec 19

Report and results on the 2019 Wyargine Cup.

A great turn out of competitors for this fun day. 
It started well with Geoff Lucas competing after sailing in the 1952 Wyargine Cup in a VJ at the Club!1st race was the ‘Backwards Sprint’ (BS Race). Hilarious to see the whole fleet trying to work out how to sail backwards. We counted 5 boats that completed the short course backwards! 

BS Results;

1st Jeff Loosemore
2nd Lew Verdon

1st Chris Kelleway
2nd Lachlan Thomas
3rd Nick Alexander

The two following races were competed for the Wyargine Cup

Vanessa Dudley  1st (3+1=4)
Brett Wright 2nd (5+2=7)
Martin Brady 3rd (4+5=9)
Lew Verdon 4th (7+4=11)
Peter Heywood 5th (2+10=12)
Jeff Loosemore 6th (1+11=12)
Alex Cherepovitsyn 7th (10+3=13)
Garry Robberds 8th (6+8=14)
Brett Mooney 9th (9+6=15)
Geoff Lucas 10th (8+7=15)
Diane Sissingh 11th (11+8=19)
Phil Ipsen 12th (12+12=24)

Phil Bookalil 1st (2+3=5)
Ryan McLoughlin 2nd (1+4=5)
Chris Kelleway 3rd(6+2=8)
Lachlan Thomas 4th (4+5=9)
Nick Alexander 5th (5+6=11)
Jon Adams 6th (7+7=14)
Kurt Sims 7th (8+8=16)

Best dressed skipper was easily won by Kurt Sims in a Santa outfit with beard! Kurt also dressed his boat with Xmas gear superbly though Chris Kelleway deserves a special mention with a ‘Spongebob’ hat and also well decorated boat.
Diane Sissingh clearly had the most festive boat in the Radial fleet and Lew Verdon was the best dressed skipper with a Xmas hat that survived the race.Special thanks to Fiona Ipsen for help on the race boat including spotting the bungs weren’t in as he sandshoes got soggy wet and cold!

A great day had by all, Merry Xmas!

Graham Jennings
Vice Commodore and Wyargine Cup instigator and RO

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