Risk Review and Safety

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Safety Policy

Our attitude to safety will not be compromised and the following simple rules will be followed:

  1. Your decision to race is yours and yours alone.  Club members will not pressure you in any way to sail.  In strong winds you should not leave the shore unless you are confident of your own ability and safety.
  2. Whether racing or not, all sailors must always wear an approved buoyancy vest.
  3. You must ensure that the foils and mast are secured to the hull and cannot detach if the hull turns upside down.  The club measurer will provide advice if needed.
  4. In strong winds, you should always keep clear of a lee shore and breaking waves.
  5. If you are excessively tired, then retire.
  6. Always stay with your boat.
  7. If you retire, attempt to notify the Race Officer on the rescue boat of your departure.
  8. On race days, always sign-on.
  9. Both the Rescue Boat Ramp and the Launching Ramp can be very slippery.  Be very careful.

 If you are in trouble, raise an arm above your head and wave it backwards and forwards.

 Be aware of your limitations and remember Rule 4 of Racing Rules of Sailing:

 “4. The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue is hers alone”.

Chris Kelleway
May 2017