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The Laser Club



MHASC welcomes visitors to its site at the Spit, and to join in its events on the water.

  • Visitors wishing to use the facilities of the Club should be sponsored by a member.
  • Visitors who do not know a member should contact the Commodore.
  • Visitors using the Club Boat will be asked to sign a Terms and Conditions form ( click here to view and print the form).
  • Visitors agree that they will not hold the Club or its Officers liable for any injury to persons, or damage to equipment, in the event of a mishap on the water, or on the Club’s premises.
  • Visitors who join in Club races do so entirely at their own risk, and their results are not recorded unless they subsequently join the Club.
  • Visitors acknowledge that the Club does not and cannot provide dedicated rescue facilities. Attention is drawn to Racing Rules of Sailing, (RRS) Rule 4 Decision to Race: The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race, or to continue racing, is hers alone.
  • Visitors acknowledge that insurance for person and property, including third party liability, is their own responsibility.
  • Visitors who use the Club facilities should contribute $10 per day or $50 per week to the Club. This does not entitle them to store boats or equipment in the Clubhouse.
  • Visitors sponsored by a member may be allocated a Club key by the Secretary on payment of a deposit of $100.