Historic Wyargine Cup re-run on 23rd December 2018

Historic Wyargine Cup re-run on 23rd December 2018

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Event organiser Vice Commodore Graham Jennings reports:
The Wyargine Cup was first held 69 years ago with VJ’s on 18 September 1949
The results today were from  2 handicap start races in beautiful sunny light southerly conditions.
The original course was modified for a Southerly and broken into 2 parts for interest.

1st 199236 Brett Mooney 3+1 = 4 pts
2nd 206746 Phil Ipsen 2+2 = 4 pts
3rd 191607 John Conroy 4+3 = 7pts
4th 163902 Alex Cherepovitsyn 1+6= 7pts
5th 202968 Diane Sissingh 5+4= 9pts
6th 187919 Peter Stephinson 7+5=12 pts
7th 181906 Frank Walsh 6+7= 13pts
8th 201502 Martin Brady 9+8= 17pts (4.7rig)
9th 199093 Jeff Loosemore 8+9=17pts

1st 192561 Jon Adams 1+1=2pts
2nd 204997 Phil Bookallil 2+3=5pts
3rd 201520 Sam Dockrill 3+2=5pts
4th 210208 Chris Kelleway  4+4=8pts

Other Prizes
Best Decorated Festive Boats:
   Jon Adams
   Chris Kelleway
   Peter Stephinson
1st Lady: Diane Sissingh
Most Incident Prone: Phil Bookallil – took off from the beach unaware a road marker ad magically appeared on top of his mast. Sam tried to spectacularly slam dunk him on the finish line cleaning up the finish marker.

A fun day, the course had lots of good points! 
The course: Rocky Point, Middle Head, Rocky Point, Grotto Point, Parriwi Point, Wyargine Point, about 3.5nm.