MHASC Club Use and COVID-19, 3 April 20

MHASC Club Use and COVID-19, 3 April 20

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MHASC Club Use and COVID-19, 3 April 20

MHASC Club use and COVID-19

(update 3/4/2020)

We are pleased to see from the most recent directives that single person dinghy sailing fits as an exercise excuse to leave home, provided the Public Health Orders are complied with. 

Some links below and a copy of NSW Maritime Facebook post at the end of this email give further information.  

It’s clear the preference from authorities is for people to stay at home and stay safe.

In regards to MHASC, we have decided that members can still access the Club for limited purposes subject to the rules below which must be strictly observed.

One significant change to note is that we have decided that with the risks increasing daily to now make the changerooms, showers and toilets ‘out of bounds’.

To confirm, the rules to be strictly observed at MHASC include;

– no more than 2 people total at the Club (inside and outside) at any one time, members only. If 2 people are already there you must stay well away from the Club vicinity until you can comply with the only 2 people rule.

– no one allowed in the clubhouse other than for the purpose of retrieving or putting away their boat for the sole purpose of exercise.

– no one is allowed in the changerooms, toilets or showers for any reasons and the kitchen and briefing room are also ‘out of bounds’ – (including kitchen, fridge, microwave, kettle, etc). Wet and hard surfaces are particular risk areas for viral spread.

– no more than 2 boats are allowed in the rigging area at any one time. Note this means you may have to wait on the water before returning to shore.   

– no more than 2 people are allowed to sail in the vicinity of each other on the water. Any group larger than 2 is likely to attract scrutiny and attention.   

– ‘social distancing’ rules apply at all times – including launching and retrieving boats, passing the hose for washdown, putting boats away, etc

– you are required to bring your own sanitiser, gloves – sanitise your hands/use gloves before and after touching any surfaces at the Club including front door lock, roller door, padlocks, chains, posts, taps, dolly handles, hoses, door to the deck – as applicable. Dispose of gloves safely.

– you are not permitted in the vicinity of the Club, or to sail from the Club if;

– you are anyone you have been in contact with has, or you suspect has Covid-19

– you or anyone you have been in contact with is in ‘self isolation’ as a result of Covid-19 regulations e.g. someone returning from overseas

– you have flu or cold like symptoms  

Please ensure you observe these rules if you intend to access the Club.

The penalties for breaching Health Orders is significant. 

Club members use the Club at their own risk and the Club takes no responsibility if law enforcement officials take different interpretations of the Public Health Orders.

We understand Police and the Water Police will be active and there could be a risk you are challenged on or off the water – so suggest you will need to be on top of the requirements and not attracting attention (especially likely if perceived to be rigging or sailing in a group). Locally residents are also being actively encouraged to report breach incidents.

If you plan to go for a sail please ‘book your spot’ by sending an email to all – this will help manage the 2 person rule, other members forward planning and expectations.

Finally, we need to respect safety and rescue risks. We have been advised in the current circumstances to consider that ‘emergency resources’ can quickly come under increased strain with less capacity to assist – so only go sailing in good weather, stay in Middle Harbour vicinity, and generally avoid risk.

We will continue to monitor the situation and any breaches of the rules, or further developments, may result in us needing to close the Club.

Thanks for your cooperation and trust you are all staying safe and taking good care of yourselves for the times when we can all get back together,

MHASC Committee

Some sites with further information;

Copy of NSW Maritime facebook 2/4/2020 post follows;

 Subject: COVID19 – Boating Restrictions

From 31 March 2020 NSW Government Public health directions have been updated requiring people to stay at home unless they have a ‘reasonable excuse’.

However, as there is on land, there are exceptions that apply on water.

If you go out social distancing rules always apply – at the boat ramp and on your boat. 

You should only be on your boat alone, or with no more than one other person; or with family who ordinarily live in the same household as you.

‘reasonable excuse’ to use your boat could be to: 

  1. exercise (e.g. kayaking/sailing/paddling etc);
  2. fish;
  3. get to and from work, where the work cannot reasonably be performed from home;
  4. get groceries; and
  5. provide assistance, care or support to an immediate member of the person’s family.

Unless you have an essential need to be out – stay ashore.

If you do need to go out, stick to your local waters, and do not gather with more than 2 people unless with members of the same household. 

It is important to remember that the self-isolation rules apply at all times.

Packing up your boat for a road trip and a half day fishing expedition is also not in the spirit of the restrictions.

Skippers are always responsible, generally this is applied to safety equipment, keeping proper look out and proceeding at a safe speed.

 For the latest information on coronavirus and current restrictions, members of the community are encouraged to check the NSW Government website ( for regular updates.