MHASC Club Use and COVID-19, 25 May 20 Update

MHASC Club Use and COVID-19, 25 May 20 Update

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MHASC Club Use and COVID-19, 25 May 20 Update

Following the latest Public Health Order update and work from Australian Sailing we are advised that MHASC can return to Club organised activities from Friday 5th June 2020.  The Club Committee has committed to a Risk Assessment process (which is underway) and to have precautions in place beforehand.

In summary what it means to MHASC:

  • Get in, sail and get out to continue;
  • Club activities including racing can resume as long as the Public Health Order and Club measures are complied with;
  • Limit activities to small individual groups with a maximum of 10 participants (inclusive of support persons);
  • Practice good hand hygiene before and after sailing;
  • Avoid physical contact;
  • Changerooms, canteens and kitchens remain closed – arrive dressed and ready to sail;
  • Stay home if you are unwell;
  • Keep a distance of 1.5 metres;
  • Follow the one person per 4 square metres rule ashore to ensure sufficient physical distancing between people;
  • Contact Tracing records must be kept;
  • Encourage the use of COVIDSafe App.

To assist management it is mandatory for members going to the Club for a sail or otherwise to email via MHASC Googlegroups all members with dates and times in advance.  The Commodore and Vice Commodore will maintain a log to manage numbers and comply with Contact Tracing needs.

In the event that a member should test positive to COVID-19 you must notify the Club so that potential impacted members can be contacted.

Please refer to the following online notice to clubs if you require further information:

Note that Members need to continue to clean all hard surfaces and items that are touched at the Club. Cleaning materials to assist are inside the door of the Club.

Watch for details to be announced shortly about running some winter racing every 2 weeks to commence after the long weekend.

Call me if you have any questions.
Chris Kelleway, Commodore
0416 223 537